Forever Valentines


Hello there, happy belated Valentine’s Day. This Valentines was my first being married and Valentine’s Day is also Tonys birthday so the pressure is on. As a person I take birthdays pretty serious and I really wanted to make it special for Tony. I know he LOVES to travel so I planned this whole adventure for him that really didn’t go as planned.

Tony has a special love for National Parks and his goal is to visit everyone of them together. The first National Park he took me was Joshua Tree, and it didn’t take much to fall in love with so much beauty! So I though, “yes, let’s visit a National Park for his birthday, he’ll love it”. A month before his birthday I booked a cute little cabin by Sequoia National Park. Even though he has been there I though it was a really good idea to go and visit it together. I called his boss to request time off for him and i was set to go, adventure ready.

Two weeks before his birthday I hear that a heavy storm is coming and that it’s going to be raining a lot. I was okay with that. Then rain turned into massive snow with dangerous traveling conditions. The weekend before his birthday I told him the “surprise” since I meant well, but didn’t think of the crazy weather conditions that could happen. I felt so terrible because I really wanted to surprise him, but I knew that I had to tell him because he was going to have to help me plan a back up. Thank God I was able to get a full refund with Air bnb.

Together, Tony and I planned a small trip to San Diego and it was really great. Below is a small clip showing the highlights of out trip.

We celebrated Tony's thirtieth birthday with friends and family. Then we had a mini getaway to San Diego. We stayed at the Hyatt Hotel, had an amazing Brazilian dinner at Red Do Gado Brazilian Steak House, had brunch at Hash House a Go Go and visited Balboa Park. Highlight was riding electric scooters through out the Balboa Park. It was a wonderful birthday and loved that the unexpected plans turned out great!

Now we are thinking about our next road trip, where should we go next?

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