3 Tips For Your Engagement Shoot

Engagement shoots are extremely popular with wedding planning.

Save the dates, websites, or engagement announcements are not complete without that cute picture of you and your fiancé. I must say, engagement shoots are one of my favorites, but what can help in an engagement shoot?


Here are my three tips for engagement shoots:


    The background will either make or break the picture. Pick a location that says BOOM! Somewhere that is special to both of you. A great location is where you can have a variety of backgrounds and colors. It is always fun to have an activity to capture on your engagement photos. An idea is a coffee or an ice cream date. Even a popping a champagne bottle and having a glass with your boo. Don’t limit your self to the usual posed engagement photos. Think of something that you see yourself doing with your fiancé that fits your personalities because you want these photos to remind you of a wonderful time in your life. An important thing that will always go in your favor is to choose a time close to sunset or sunrise, what we call the magic hours. This will create the BEST light to highlight your best features and you won’t be worried about squinting because the sun is hitting your eyes. A great perk of a sunrise photoshoot is that it creates a certain intimacy due to the fact that not a lot one people are out, so a huge outside space can be just for just you and your fiancé.


    The outfit you choose will be in all of your photos so make sure everything fits as you love it to fit. A good way to know is to actually wear the clothes you choose on a date. Make sure you feel good about yourself and comfortable. For woman, don’t wear things that cover neck, and make sure to show a little wrist and ankle. Believe it or not, showing a bit of your wrist or ankles make you look more feminine. Wear things that accentuate your waist and don’t be scared of showing those curves since they’ll play in your favor in photos. For guys, when wearing button ups, do the “Sit & Pop Test”. The buttons on your shirt should not expose your six or one pack (lol). Also try to stay away from shirts with large dots or horizontal lines due to the bad optics they give. Pick colors that both of you love and always bring a back up outfit to your engagement shoot, just incase there is an oopsie on your way to your shoot or on your shoot. As a photographer I love when couples ask about this topic and share photos with me days prior to the shoot. So don’t be afraid to share with your photographer what you’re planning on wearing or if you have any questions!


    I think this is the most important tip. If you come to your photo shoot nervous or feeling awkward about your photos there is a high chance that you’ll show that expression on your photos. I think the most beautiful photos are the unposed ones. The ones that you create as a couple just by being you! HAVE FUN! Make your love one laugh and kiss them when they least expect it. Tickle that spot that you know about and hug them tight. The photographer will give you direction but don’t be afraid to create an emotional photo. When you’ll look back you’re going to be able to remember that feeling before the wedding. Being introverted is okay, being extroverted is okay too! No matter your personality type, don’t be afraid to be you on your engagement photos!

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