3 tips for a smooth gender reveal photo shoot

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I’ve been meaning to write about this wonderful photoshoot I did last month, I just I didn’t want to post before my client and ruin the surprise to her family and friends. She had some wonderful gender reveal ideas and I was so happy to be able to do all this for her and her family. I just loved how the pictures came out! I have done some of their christmas photos a while back and was so excited to work with them again! One of the things I desire to have is a lasting relationship with my clients. Who knows, maybe one day I could shoot her graduation pictures!


Lately I’ve been shooting so many maternity sessions and I tell my clients the same 3 things. I thought that this would be a great blog post and may be helpful for someone who is planing their gender reveal photoshoot.

Here are my 3 tips for a smooth gender reveal photo shoot:

  1. Share what you like with your photographer. Many times you may think that we as photographers know what you envision for your shoot and you may be disappointed when you don’t get the images you wanted. Having examples of what you envision sent to your photographer days before your shoot helps us prepare and know how to recreate or simply be inspired by those beautiful images.

  2. Come prepared. Buy props ahead of time so you’re not rushing the day of and coming stressed to your shoot. Know what you’ll be wearing ahead of time so everything fits, and make sure that there are no stains or rips on the clothes you choose. If you’re having a family shoot, lay all of your clothes side by side and see if the colors you chose go together. You don’t necessarily have to match but see if the color palette of your clothes speak to you. If you’re unsure, send a photo to your photographer and they should direct you if a change should be made.

  3. Plan ahead. If you want family and friends join you on your fun gender reveal, have a set time for everyone to come and agree on a location weeks in advance. Have someone, other than you and your husband, be assigned for everyone to refer to for directions just incase they get lost or can’t find the place. It would be good for this person to know exactly where the gender reveal will be held at.

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