Style Me Happy

There is a secret to find happiness. I believe that no one has a perfect life, THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! We always have things that we go through, but happiness is always present in life. Sometimes it is harder to find, depending on the season you're in. There is something that I have learned in my little 28 years of life, this is, to be happy I have to first find joy in something real, something that has meaning, something that I know will work and it is important to always be reminded of this. So write it on a wall, on your agenda, or on your phone.

 Happiness starts with me, it starts with deciding I want to be happy.

So on this beautiful Monday I want to encourage you to reflect on your life and look for happiness, even if its something very small to be happy for, be happy! Hardships will come, but it is up to us how much effort we put to find happiness. 

"Put on that smile", it is the best styling tip my mom gave me.