Pumpkin Patch Visit

Hello everyone! I’ve been working really hard on some projects that I have not come here and blogged! I have a few new things I will be sharing soon.

Fall is amazing! I love the feeling of having to put on a sweater after a long long summer. I live in California so our summers are hot and long! One of my favorite things to do for fall is to visit a Pumpkin Patch, every year I go to a different one!

This year I went to Live Oak Canyon Pumpkin Patch and Christmas Tree Farm in Yucaipa California, and let me tell you it was absolutely wonderful! One of the best pumpkin patches I’ve been to. The weekend entrance is a cost of $10 but it is worth it. There are games and rides for kids that go for 2-5 tickets, each ticket being a dollar. Tony and I didn’t want to try any games or rides, but we wanted to try the food!

There is a little bit of everything. Many local vendors come together and serve their best dishes. I am a sucker for pop corn. We tried the kettle corn and it was delicious. The kettle taste wasn’t too overwhelming but it was perfect 👌🏻. 

When you go you have to be mentally prepared to be around many people and kids! We went the weekend before Halloween, so there was a lot of people. People were even dressed up! Parking was a little overwhelming since we wanted to save some money and park in the streets. The pumpkin patch parking is $20, in my opinion, that’s a lot. Tony and I don’t mind the walk at all, but it did take us a little while to find parking.

There are two wood made houses that have many squares in which pumpkins are placed. So it looks like a pumpkin house. Of course, if you wish to take a picture you have to make a line. They also have a sunflower field. You can walk around it and even get your sunflowers which made me ver happy, I love picking flowers! They also have a petting zoo that is 5 tickets each. Tony and I looked at the animals from the outside and it was just as fun. Not to forget, they also have all types of pumpkins, all sizes, for sale and pictures! 

It is an awesome experience! I’d love to visit again. It is a place where you can spend a lot of money but paying for the entrance will give you a really good time. If you do go, you should totally try the kettle corn, it was so so delicious!

Happy fall everyone!

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