Photography by Priscila will capture your party’s essence and memorable moments. The best way to do this is to get to know you before the big day. Whether through a photo session or a phone call, it gives a chance to feel comfortable together and go through your wishes, expectations and time line for the day.

Also, I will capture the unique moments of your beautifully planned day. My aim is for every photo to evoke a powerful emotion that will tell a unique momory to treasure in years to come.

Photo Shoot Session Pre-Event

Photography by Priscila can help you create a wonderful way to start interacting with your guests before the party. Photography by Priscila provides personalized invitations as well as guest books and slide shows to share it on social media. 

The Ceremony/Reception/Party

Photography by Priscila will capture every detail from the celebration from a ceremony to the party! In between there will be a special session of individual portraits followed with group shots with family and friends. 

Photography by Priscila will capture every table setting as well as the special details before the guest enter. The grand entrance as well as key moments such as toasts, speeches, cake cutting, and guest’s smiles.