Hi, my name is Priscila. I am 28 years old and I am a full time photographer. I was born in Argentina and came to California, US, when I was 12. I love capturing special moments. I begun my interest in photography in high school and a little after graduation I was brave enough to start shooting weddings and special occasions. With time I developed a greater passion for photography and took classes to educate myself about what photography truly is. Now I am working as a photographer full time and loving it. I take each event as if it were my own and try to make sure I capture every detail my customers want. In my free time I am actively involved at church and my community helping in any area I can. I love working with people! I love doing new things, discovering new places and eating different types of food. I always try to stay inspired and look for new things, such as photos, videos, equipments so I make sure I am up to date in this fast growing field. I work with my boyfriend, scratch that, fiancé, SCRATCH THAT... HUSBAND, Tony in many events. He is usually behind an other camera shooting video or photo. It was his idea to make this website and it has helped me present my work and create a portfolio.